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I’m Back

I haven’t done a post in a while and I felt that I’m letting down my one and only fan Evans Njoroge (SIDEBAR: He’s a very good tweep! follow him on So its been a whole year since I last did this, so in as much as I’ve tried to convince myself that I am, I guess I have to begin to admit that I’m not a writer. I do better with the twitter/facebook one sentence postings style, thats how lazy I am at writing. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway! Much has been going on with me in the last few months I’ve been away and most of it revolves around becoming a mean web developer. Sorry sorry, I hear the uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhs! Still working on the wife and kids thingy. You drama queens!!! lol

The outcome of me being a mean web developer has been putting up Weddings Kenya, which aims to be the ultimate wedding resource in the country. I am also in the process of becoming a Ushahidi volunteer (my way of giving back) and still planning out a number of new projects for 2011. It all bodes well with the recent tech environment that has been enabled through the efforts of the GOK and one Mr. Bitange Ndemo. So I say to myself and to all of the geeks behind that computer “onward and upward, you web developer you…”

Over and out!