Because life is not one dimensional!


I guess I should start out by telling you a little bit about me. Maurice is my name! The second born in a family of six, I grew up surrounded by love esp. mamas love. She calls me “pops” because I am named after her father, my grandfather. This should not be taken to mean that my father didn’t show me love nor that my siblings did not get their equal share of love.

I am Kenyan. Born and raised. I went to school in Mombasa from early childhood through to my second year in high school, after which I was sent to the “bunduz”, Makueni to be exact, to get a feel of the world outside the proverbial nest. An experience it was! After high school I was like any other confused teenager not sure of what I wanted to do in life. I had dreams of following in my fathers footsteps and becoming an engineer or getting into architecture (after all I had enjoyed drawing and design classes in my first year of high school). So what do I do as I await University admission? I started on an IT oriented course IMIS, which unbeknown to me would turn out to be the turning point in my life as far as my career is concerned. Suddenly I had an epiphany and I knew what I wanted! This thou doesn’t mean that I knew how I would get it but with my fathers guidance and prodding I later skipped the opportunity of joining a public University in favor of a private one in Nairobi so that I could pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

My life has been a wonderful journey. Not necessarily in terms of mileage covered but by experiences and lessons learnt. This here is my odyssey.


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  1. Njoroge said:

    Hey boy, u doing great! Keep up!

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