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Barcamp Nairobi ’08 – The Big Question!

I wasn’t going to write about barcamp but I thought It does deserve a mention. For those of you who were there, you will agree that this must have gotten into records as one of the most successful ICT gatherings in the city. The numbers were good, the presentations were great so the day turned out to be awesome.

Barcamp got me thinking seriously about Africas approach to ICT. Now, I might not have as many as 21 but I have questions nonetheless.

  1. Where does Africa feature on the Internet?
  2. Do we have the infrastructure to compete?
  3. Are we tech savvy enough to compete?
  4. Do we have the content to keep our own traffic local and attract traffic from outside the continent?
  5. What is the way forward and how can all this be achieved?
  6. Where am I going to figure in all this?

Since I don’t want to take my employers time (I move to enter this post as evidence to support that litigation in the future), I will give my view and answers in my next post. For now ponder on that!


White African Hook-up

I got linked… I got linked… I got a mention on White Africans post on the Nairobi barcamp! Now you may ask, whats the big deal anyway? Well, picture this; you are a television anchor then Larry King gives you a mention on his show! Yes that is exactly what this is like. White African is the kingpin of bloggers and getting a link on his site is big! Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but what the heck! I got the hook-up!