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I am a Blue-Green

Let it be known that my original theme was not just a random “picky ponkie” choice. The reason I picked it is because I had to pick a blue/black theme to be my first ever WordPress theme. Which brings up the question, why blue/black? The answer is simple really. Blue, because it is my favorite color and Black, because I am very proud of my African descent.
p.s. I am a great believer in the African people despite all the doom and gloom in our continent which is the only thing highlighted by the western media. (This demands a whole post!)

Anyway, on to my original topic, what has color got to do with anything? According to Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy there are four personality types: blues, golds, oranges and greens. In his interview with George Boelcke of Education News ( he further states:

Blues live life through feelings, dream the impossible dream and seek to make a difference in the lives of others. They have a huge sense of intuition, love to hug and connect with people in caring and genuine ways.

Now don’t get me wrong, Dr. Shaughnessy does not necessarily say that favoring blue for a color means you have a blue personality. For example, it could be argued that I am a green since he also states that:

Greens are the scientist and engineers of the world. They live life through logic and are very calm, cool and collected. They love to learn (and teach) and will really never open their mouth or commit to anything until it’s perfect. There really isn’t a problem they don’t want to tackle – the more complex – the better. While emotional stuff makes them quite uncomfortable, they love intricate discussions, puzzles and their valued alone-time on the computer.

So then, what personality am I? blue? green? or blue-green? Since the good Dr. does not rule out the possibility of “cross-breeds”, I will label myself a blue-green. I am Loving Geek! 😀